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While new vlogs and YouTubers are popping left and right, English speaking vlogs about Thailand can still be hard to find — especially the good ones. Here’s a list of our favorite channels that share their passion and love for Thailand and neighboring South-East Asia. Thaijunkie strongly recommends to subscribe!

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Dan About Thailand

Dan delivers weekly vlogs from his travels throughout Thailand, covering topics from travel advice and expat life. His videos unveil the curtain into the authentic world of a young family living and working in Thailand. His blogs and vlogs started out as a hobby of recording his travels, but have progressed into a sideline job. The quality and presentation in his videos are excellent, which have earned Dan respect among Thailand’s vloggers.

Dan About Thailand

Jonny There Is Something Happening

Always fun and energetic, Jonny started his Thailand vlog journey in 2016.

Born in New Zealand, he grew up in Australia’s Gold Coast until an early retirement at an age of 32 when he moved to Thailand, after selling his successful boat detail and fiberglass repair business.

I could’ve stayed on and worked my guts out until I was 50, but what for? I can’t see the point of working for 50 or 60 years of age and dying in ten years after. What kind of life is that?

Jonny There Is Something Happening

Pattaya Pariah

As the name suggests, Pattaya Pariah is another vlog channel from the streets of Pattaya. Inspired by authors such as Charles Bukowski, Clive James and the black comedy of Jack Rosenthal, his videos are a series stylized in the genre of dirty realism and transgressive fiction. Often rebellious and even nihilistic, Pattaya Pariah’s calming voice is pondering and mindboggling to follow, analyzing the world from a fascinating intellectual angle.

Geoff Carter

Geoff Carter has been sharing his retiree life for over a decade, having made a video from just about every imaginable situation you might encounter. Originally hailing from the UK, his videos are informational and filled with British humor. Geoff is one of those people you’d love to sit down and have a drink with. Luckily for all of us, watching his videos offers a fairly similar experience.

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Geoff Carter

American in Bangkok, Scott Mallon

An author and photographer, Scott Mallon has been living a life a few could imagine. He first joined YouTube in 2013, and has since been reporting on his adventures through Bangkok’s red-light districts and travel throughout South-East Asia. His travels as a photojournalist have taken him in unusual places, such as inside the notorious Bang Kwang and Klong Prem prisons.

His passions include Muay Thai, and he is now fully devoted to his family, photography, and of course, his YouTube videos. Lately, he’s released live streams that are a joy to follow through, often portraying hidden travel gems that only a few travelers could discover.

Scott Mallon


Darren has been living in Thailand since 2012, and his channel explores topics such as Thai Food delicacies, culture, temples, and attractions. If you’re a Thai Food connoisseur, his videos cover it all from street food to insects and more. He uploads a new video every week.

Darren B3

20 seconds in Thailand

Thailand Rob resides in Phuket and captures his everyday life through the lens of his GoPro camera for all the world to see. This American started his channel in 2014 sharing his funny, clever, and informal take on ordinary life in Thailand.

Thailand Rob

Honorable mention: Kev in Thailand

Kevin Burt, one of the most popular Pattaya vloggers passed away on April 7th of 2020 after battling against cancer for over a year, a subject he spoke about openly online.

Kev was well known for his YouTube channel that shared his passion for Thailand and helped many people to discover the unique things that his hometown, Pattaya, had to offer. His last video was published on 26th of August, in 2019.

Kev in Thailand

Do you agree with our list of best travel vloggers in Thailand? Did we miss someone? Let us know in the comments below!

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