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Thailand’s capital is well known for its tall skyscrapers, rooftop bars, and wild nightlife, but it has also attracted some urban tribes that share an interest in exploring the city from an unseen angle. These daredevils climb and freerun through the rooftops of Bangkok, conquering abandoned buildings and turning them into real-life obstacle courses. While the local authorities are rarely bothered and rooftop doors tend to stay open, there’s a lot of exciting footage to be seen. Here’s a collection of some of our favorite parkour & freerunning videos from the Bangkok rooftops.

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Top spots for parkour & freerunning in Bangkok

Taksin Park

Amidst the crazy skyscrapers and villages of Bangkok, you will find some speckles of green. These parks are loved and frequented by the locals to chill and workout. Between outdoor gyms, lakes, Thai boxing and running tracks, you will find the odd freerunning spot. Rocking up at around 3 in the afternoon, you can meet talented freerunners busting out on their incredible bar-set at Taksin Park

How to get there:
Take the BTS Skytrain to “Saphan Taksin,” and then either cross the river via a ferry or just walk across the bridge. The park can’t be missed and is right under the bridge! Google-Maps Link.

Abandoned Skyscraper aka the Ghost-Tower

Sure, Bangkok is full of lumbering glass towers that loom above the little street stalls and busy streets, but here you’ll find one that stands out. This 50-story skyscraper was abandoned mid-construction during the economic crash in the 90s. Enter at your own risk, and be careful: this site is falling apart bit by bit, and death drops into empty elevator shafts and corroded metal are everywhere

We want to use this space to apologize, because we kind of ruined this for everybody. Access to the tower used to be easy until we filmed a video of us exploring it. Today a police-report featuring our faces is on display in front of the tower and security is super-tight. Still want to give it a try? The view from the rooftop is gorgeous!

How to get there:
Take the BTS Skytrain to “Saphan Taksin” and have a look around. Trust me you’ll see it. If you rock up early in the morning you can hit up the Taksin Park across the river for some training first and then climb the tower to watch sundown. Google-Maps Link.

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Nest Rooftop Bar

If you’re looking for a night out away from the clubs frequented by tourists, we would take you to the Nest Rooftop Bar. The venue is super-chill, our favorite DJ Arin spins here and they make us feel at home by regularly playing freerunning compilations and Farang videos on their projector.

Bring photo ID—drinking age in Thailand is 21.

How to get there:
Take the BTS to NaNa, walk down Soi11 all the way to the T-Junction and turn left. You’ll find Nest coming up on the left-hand side.
Google-Maps Link.

Rajamangala Stadium & Ramkhamhaeng University

The Stadium borders a big uni campus and has some of the best street-spots you’ll find in Bangkok. Truth be told, they are nothing incredible compared to what you would find in London or Singapore, but definitely worth a good day of training.

The more adventurous might want to venture inside the actual stadium. Security are constantly present and there are better spots on the outside.

How to get there: Jump in a cab and they will know the Stadium and Uni. Avoid rush hour, traffic gets terrible around there.
Google-Maps Link.

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Airplane Graveyard

We almost couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw a bunch of airplanes sitting right next to the street. For whatever reason these stripped airplanes are rusting close to the Rajamangala Stadium.

The owner is paying locals to live on the property and look after the planes. We paid them a 1000THB per person, per hour to get in and felt like it was worth it for some fun jumps and a great photo-location. Be nice and polite to the locals, or they might just decide to kick you out.

How to get there: You could get a cab to Rajamangala Stadium and walk. If you want to have the driver drop you off right next to it tell him to go to “Ramkhamhaeng Road Soi 107”.
Google-Maps Link.

BOUNCE – EmQuartier

BOUNCE – The Street

There is no such thing as too many trampolines and that’s why BOUNCE is one of our favorite places to hang out. They have an armada of trampolines, boxes and walls to bounce off of. Perfect for a fun afternoon or when you want to work on your air-awareness.

We shot our video at their THE STREET venue location. You get there by taking the MRT line to “Thailand Cultural Center” and walking 200meters straight down the road.
Google-Maps Link.

They are also about to open another location in the EmDistrict shopping center (which we invaded for this video). This spot is connected to the BTS station “Phrom Phong”.

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None of these sports are in Bangkok, but we wanted to include them nonetheless. Arranging further cab rides or even getting a van including a driver to visit these places is worth it and surprisingly affordable if you’re in a group.

Whenever we want to get away from Bangkok’s craziness a trip to ThaiWakepark is at the top of our list. We’ll spend the day enjoying the calm of three lakes located in-between rice fields.

After enjoying some great food while watching some of the world’s best wakeboarders flipping across the lake we can choose in-between grabbing a wake-board ourselves, bouncing on their trampoline, tricking on the grass or getting a Fresh Coconut and doing absolutely nothing.

Did we miss any interesting spots? Let us know in the comments and we’ll update the article!

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