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As Thailand continues to successfully prevent local outbreaks, the government’s Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration is busy planning the next step. 

Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin, spokesperson for the group hold a press conference on Sunday that discussed the Emergency Decree and Phase 6 of lifting COVID-19 restrictions and reopening the nation are expected within the upcoming weeks.

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A meeting is expected of the committees, together with the CCSA and the National Security Council, responsible for easing restrictions and guidelines in the coming week. A number of items are being thought-about for Phase 6, including:

  • Allowing more foreign labour into the countryparticularly migrant workers with the proper documentation and procedures.
  • Food and beverage industry can showcase its products again. It’s unclear whether or not this includes the previously banned “beer cheer girls” for bars and nightlife.
  • Relaxed guidelines for film and tv productions.
  • Allowing more groups of foreigners to enter the nation, including Thai Elite Visa members.
  • Details on these itemswhich are subject to changewill not be but available and are expected later this week. No specific dates were given on when Phase 6 may begin.

Dr. Taweesin stressed the importance of foreign workers that are essential for many Thai industries. Reopening the borders for foreign workers will help the economy to recover. Also, the risk of illegal immigration will be on the rise as long as the borders remain closed.

Taweesin mentioned that ending the Emergency Degree may be addressed this week at a gathering of the National Security Council.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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