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The Thai government has announced plans to spend billions to jump-start the tourism struggling from COVID-19 by essentially paying Thais to take more holidays. The tourism industry is one of Thailand’s main economic sectors, accounting for up to 7% of its GDP.

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Tourism Authority of Thailand Pattaya Director Pinnart Charoenpol proposed quite a few new packages through which the government could subsidize the price of airline tickets, hotel rooms, restaurants, and tourist attractions to urge Thais to travel domestically.

Spending cash locally is necessary to prevent businesses dependent on the tourist industry from economic downfall, a result of the existing travel restrictions.

Domestic tourism is unable to deliver in the trillions of baht that overseas tourism does, however, the authorities have no intention of reopening borders to foreigners anytime soon. Subsidizing individuals to travel more could supplement the incomes of individuals affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The “We Tour Thailand” program will cost the government 22.5 billion and the “Tour to Share Happiness” program will reward medical personnel and public health volunteers for his or her service in the Covid-19 outbreak.

The latter program offers health workers 2,000 baht in vouchers to cover travel expenses for 2 days and one night and will cost 2 billion baht.

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TAT is also operating the “Pattaya Hot Deal” promo, providing 50 % reductions on Chonburi hotels and tourist attractionstogether with the annual Amazing Thailand Grand Sale.

All should help Pattaya’s tourism sector recover, she stated.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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