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58-year-old Mamady Keita, a ruby dealer working in Bangkok Silom district by the nickname of “Michael”, is accused of luring a 17-year old girl into a hotel within the Phya Thai area and allegedly raping and assaulting her. The West African citizen of Guinea was arrested at a McDonald’s in Bangkok’s Bang Rak area accused of raping a 17-year-old girl.  The girl informed police that she’d been raped by an African man who she had met the day before.

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The victim informed officers the man stopped her to ask for directions and asked for her phone number and Line ID. He later contacted her, offering a job and buy her a brand new phone. She claims Keita made an appointment with her which ended up him taking her into the hotel room that was paid with cash from her wallet.

A preliminary investigation found similar prior accusations against Keita for an identical assault.

The man has allegedly confessed to the assault and faces charges of abducting a minor, rape, and theft.

SOURCE: Nation Thailand

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