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Latest opinion poll conducted by Suan Dusit Rajabhat University confirmed well over 90% of respondents fear the second wave of Covid-19 and support a full ban on foreign arrivals in Thailand.

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The poll measured the concerns of 1,459 Thai adults of varied educational backgrounds and occupations about the possibility of a second outbreak. Last week saw two local transmissions, Egyptian military personnel violating the quarantine guidelines, and a Sudanese diplomat’s family, who stayed at a Bangkok condominium instead of a state quarantine facility, with 1 member of the family testing positive for COVID-19.

The ballot confirmed 52.2% of the respondents are “very concerned” about the 2 incidents, 39.7% are “quite concerned”, whereas the remainder are “not concerned at all”.

Regarding methods to prevent a second wave of infections, 94.5% stated all foreigners should be banned from entering Thailand, 86.4% suggest a stringent screening process, 83.8% say people must wear face masks and frequently wash their hands, 81.4% recommend the government keep people updated on the pandemic and 76.7% want free access to Covid-19 testing.

Asked to mention “5 things” that would worry them if there were a new wave of COVID-19, with each respondent allowed to provide more than 1 reply, a whopping 95.9% cited the degree of the spread; 94.45% unemployment; 92.05% shutdown of businesses; 84.17% their children’s education; and 84.17% one other lockdown announcement. About 73.8% “consider there will be another round” of lockdowns, whereas the remaining dismiss the possibility. To ease public concern, 47.4% of the respondents suggest the government should tighten screening measures without exceptions.

Online keyboard warriors were quick to comment on the issue, supporting the ban of foreign arrivals.

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“Keep Thailand safe, keep the foreigners out”, a Thai commentator wrote.

Source: Thai PBS World

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