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The city of Pattaya had been struggling with severe drought and depleting water reserves for several months instructing people to conserve water when they are now facing a new drawback. The city’s mayor has addressed harsh criticism in social media against his handling of the recent flooding of key areas, including Soi Khao Noi, which holds the city’s railway connection.

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Last week’s rainfall resulted in mass flooding, inspiring some local jokesters to paddle through the streets on inflatable water toys. The video went viral and has been shared around the internet globally, causing unflattering publicity for the city of Pattaya. The floods came as a disappointment, as the city has recently invested taxpayer money into repairing the old, badly designed sewer system, promising to fix the yearly floods the city has encountered during the rainy season.

The mayor stated a number of the city’s water pumps are still under repair, however, they are expected to be fully operational in the near future. He shifted blame over to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, claiming it has significantly delayed the initiatives to install larger drainage pipes and that the challenge is ongoing and never complete. The city placed most road construction initiatives on hold, including drainage projects, for several months as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

He identified that the erosion damage to the beach was considerably less than that brought on by storms last 12 months, and the flooding subsided far more rapidly than in earlier years. He also mentioned that Beach Road was flooding substantially less.

He says as soon as the undertaking is complete, which is more likely to take several more months, the town will see substantial improvement overall.

“All projects delayed by the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown have since resumed.”

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SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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