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Phase 6 is allowing more and more foreigners to apply for re-entry to the Kingdom. This includes migrant workers from neighbouring countries, such as Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, Elite Visa holders, foreign film crews, trade exhibitors and special guests invited by the business industry.

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Previously entry has been granted to six other groups, including foreign spouses and children of work permit holders. foreigners with residency rights in Thailand, those married to Thai citizens, international students and their guardians, medical tourists, and by special arrangements short-stay business visitors from Japan, South Korean, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong.

For anyone outside of these groups, the borders will likely remain shut for the foreseeable future.

The leader of Thai governments COVID-19 task force, Dr Taweesin Visanuyothin has not yet announced a date when the country could open for larger traffic. If you wish to enter Thailand, the recommendation is to contact your embassies directly. Every request will be treated on a case-by-case basis, and just falling into one of these groups doesn’t automatically guarantee entry. Migrant workers are being advised to contact their employers, whereas Elite Visa holders should get in contact with their dedicated representative.

All arrivals will need to go through the mandatory 14-day state quarantine and testing for COVID-19. After the daughter of the Sudanese Ambassador in Bangkok tested positive for the virus last week, this requirement has now been extended to include diplomats and their families.

Allowing migrant workers to enter the country legally, albeit under strict controls, is hoped to decrease illegal immigration. Border officers arrested dozens of illegal immigrants last week at the Cambodian border, who had been hoping to find work in Thailand.

Source: Pattaya News

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