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LGBTQ communities have reason to celebrate the Pride month, as the Thai cabinet has endorsed a bill allowing marriage registration of same-sex couples. The marriage bill also ensures legal amendments that same-sex couples have identical rights and privileges as opposite-sex couples. The bill and the amendment will now be put to a vote within the Thai parliament.

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The government’s deputy spokeswoman says the brand new Civil Partnership Bill and the amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code will “ensure fairness for people of all gender identification”. The bill defines civil companions as couples born with the same sex. Marriage registration will be out there to consenting same-sex couples who are at the least 17 years old. One or both have to be Thai citizens.

“The Civil Partnership Bill is a milestone for Thai society in promoting equality among people of all genders… This strengthens the families of people with sexual diversity and is appropriate for the present social circumstances.”

Minors wishing to be wed will still need the official consent of their parentslegal guardians, or a court.

Spouses of civil companions can have identical legal rights as married husbands and wives, notably including with regard to personal and jointly-held property. Civil companions can adopt, or a partner can adopt an adoptive child of their partner. When a companion dies, the survivor can have the same inheritance rights as conventional married couples under the Civil and Commercial Code. Sections of the code concerning married couples can even apply to civil companions.

The amended Civil and Commercial Code will prohibit a man or a lady from getting married if she or he already has a civil partner.

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A man or a lady can face a divorce lawsuit if she or he treats another person as a civil partner.

The Justice Ministry, which proposed the bill and the legal amendments, will monitor the effectiveness of the changes and plan different legal amendments to make sure compliance with those already enacted.

SourceThe Thaiger News.

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