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This video is part of my Pay It Forward Documentary series, where we take the YouTube money and use it to help communities here in Bangkok and across Thailand. This might be my favorite video I have made so far, and I hope you enjoy it. Just by watching this video, you are a big part of what I am able to do here on this Channel, so thank you. If you are not subscribed already, please subscribe to the channel, and if you really want to help, please share this video on your Facebook page. Just click Share and select the Facebook icon!

This video was shot in and around Khlong Toei in Bangkok, and here are some links to the Mercy Centre should you wish to donate some money directly to them:
Mercy Centre:
Mercy Centre Facebook Page:
Google Map Pin:

To make it easy, here are their bank details if you want to send any money:
Name of Bank: Thanachart Bank Public Company Limited
Account Number: 493-6-01998-5
Account Name: Human Development Foundation
Account Type: Savings
Address: Vibulthani Tower 1, 3195/2 Rama 4., Khlong Ton, Khlong Toei, Bangkok, 10110
Telephone: 0266155347
Swift Code: THBKTHBK
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