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This video is not the normal fun, informative adventure that this channel always tries to give you. Today’s video is a special message to my Subscribers. I also explain a giveaway that I am going to do based on reaching my first milestone here.

So watch the video, then leave a comment below telling me where you’re from, confirming that you have subscribed, and two simple words…..”I’m in.” Just like that, you will be entered in the contest with the chance to be the giveaway winner (as described in the video). Then, on May 25 at noon Bangkok time I will be randomly selecting a winner from the entries list. SO YOU HAVE UNTIL MAY 25 AT NOON BANGKOK TIME TO ENTER.

This channel is brand new and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the inspiration I’m finding from your comments, suggestions on things you want to see, and just knowing that my videos are putting a few smiles on a few faces.

I will continue to work hard and put out at least 2 new videos each week from my home base of Thailand. Let’s see where this journey goes and please….share this video with your friends! I want to reach the next milestone soon!!
This Channel is all about YOU. Let me know what you want to see next.
I want to make sure you’re getting the exact type of videos you are looking for here.
After all…I’m Retired, Working For You.

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