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Christopher Nolan’s TENET Movie has a cool time warping visual style where things move backwards or in reverse.
Consider this a challenge….try it yourself, with dialog!! And share with a friend who you’d like to see try it!
This TENET Challenge is to recreate this reverse effect, or at least attempt to…haha.
This is the first video in the world to start ‘The TENET Challenge’. Considering this one is done in Bangkok, Thailand by one man, his iPhone and using iMovie…it’s not bad.

What do you think? Comment below and also comment with your opinion on this movie, or any other Chris Nolan Movie that you love.

The setting also takes you to an amazing noodle shop in Bangkok that serves bowls of delicious noodles for only 50 cents, and even better desert for 15 cents! Victory Monument Boat Noodles!
It should definitely be on your Places to Eat in Bangkok list.
If you want to find it, just follow this Google Map Pin right here:

And this channel’s Contest Winner is also announced!
All in one video!

So get ready for another odd (and hopefully fun and informative) video from Bangkok, Thailand.
This Channel is all about YOU. Let me know what you want to see next.
I want to make sure you’re getting the exact type of videos you are looking for here.
After all…I’m Retired, Working For You.
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