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Say goodbye to the broken pavements and girls in hotpants. The slinky frontages are in for a major revamp, preparing to welcome the modern family-friendly Walking Street – if the Pattaya City engineers proposal follows through.

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Pattaya City revealed new plans for a major makeover of one of its most legendary landmarks – the notorious Walking Street. The proposal has been met with an unimpressed reception, causing a stir of online comments and criticism. The new futuristic design is an attempt to clean up the streets’ reputation, a venture the Thai government has been fixated on for years with little success.

Walking Street is a beloved red-light district as it is, attracting visitors around the world that don’t share the government’s vision for the makeover. As one of the last standing coquettish fortresses in the world, it offers a unique experience that other locations would face a challenge to imitate.

Pattaya City’s new design portraits a futuristic walkway transforming this unique landmark into a walkway sharing similarities to every modern shopping mall. The designs presented by the city’s engineering team to Pattaya’s mayor were met with a “lukewarm” reception.

Major makeover proposed for Pattaya's Walking Street | News by The Thaiger

The mayor shared the concerns by addressing the need for Walking Street to “fit for purpose” and any makeover “must not adversely affect livelihoods”. He agreed that the area must be fit for daytime as well as nightlife use, which is good news for the landowners of this expensive real estate area. Continuing, he underlined that any reimagining of the area must ensure that the “special smell and flavor” of Walking Street is kept the same.

“After all, Pattaya is a renowned world class resort. And it must be able to generate revenue, that’s important.”

The mayor returned the engineers back to revise their designs ahead of the next discussion on the issue.

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